Available Online Training


Search for training courses in the listings below, or take a look in the organisation sections for courses tailored to that interest.

Free Health & Safety Training for Staff

Induction training for staff of retail outlets including feed stores etc.

Free Health & Safety Training for Employers

Introductory training to give employers information on what they need to do, to have the basics for health and safety in place in their workplace.

Free BETA Body Protector Training

BETA has provided free training covering body protector safety equipment for organisations and horse riders.

Free Introduction to Health and Safety Training for Employers

A training course designed to give equestrian employers knowledge on what they need to do in order to have the health and safety basics in place in their establishment.

Free Horseshoeing Training

COMING SOON: Emergency removal of a shoe

Free First Aid Introductory Training

COMING SOON: Introducing the basics of first aid for equestrians

Free Horse First Aid

COMING SOON: Introducing the basics of first aid for your horse or pony

Free Parasite Control for Horses Training

A short online course to help you learn a bit more about how to protect your horses from parasites.

Free Equestrian Catering Training

This course is designed for anyone new to food safety. It is also designed for new employees working in low-risk environments or anyone with an interest in safe food preparation.

Free Level 2 Safeguarding Awareness Training

The aim of this course is to provide safeguarding awareness and understanding and provides the basic knowledge to ensure that safeguarding duties are fulfilled.

Free Riding Safely on the Roads Training

COMING SOON: Equestrian road safety for adults and kids