Revolutionary Equestrian First Aid Manual Launched

First Aid Training Co-operative and Medi-K First Aid, creators of our free First Aid Introductory course, are proud to announce the launch of a new, digital manual aimed at equestrians.

Developed specifically for the sector, the manual can be downloaded to a phone or tablet, meaning that guidance is available in your pocket at the swipe of a finger.

It contains around 60 pages of full-colour content covering the first aid basics including bleeds, heat stroke, horse kicks, animal bites and stings and CPR for adults and children. It also covers issues such as dealing with body protectors and air vests on an injured casualty.

The manual is suitable for everyone and makes ideal revision for those who have not completed a first aid course recently.

You can download your free copy when you complete our training or, if you have already completed the training and wish to have the equine manual in addition to the generic one you have received, simply click here to access it.